The Glossary offered below provides a useful overview of common terms used throughout DipTech Systems® web-site and generally in the Dip Molding and Dip Molding industries.

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Loss of physical strength or other properties suffered by polymers under various influences, e.g. by oxidation, heat, ozone etc.

Dewebbing Agent
Additive used to reduce web formation in latex dipping.

DipTech Systems line of automatic dipping machines. Used in both laboratory and small part production, these units are known for providing exact, repeatable dipping motion profiles.

Dipped Goods
Articles of manufactured rubber, usually thin walled, by dipping suitable former into compounded latex and allowing the rubber coating to dry, vulcanizing the coating, and removing the articles from the former.

Dipping Process
Deposition of rubber on the article or former dipped directly into latex, pure gum or compounded, drying and vulcanzing the deposition after the former is withdrawn.

Any system consisting of one material subdivided into a continuum of another in which it is not soluble. Emulsions and Latices are specific types of dispersions.


  1. Suspension: Often, but not exclusively, applied to relatively coarse dispersions.

  2. Slurry: Exclusively used to describe coarse, or very coarse, suspensions of powders.

  3. SOL: Usually applied to very fine particle size dispersions of solid material.

Double Centrifuged Latex
Natural latex centrifuged twice to yield a concentrate with approximately half the amount of NRS found in ordinary centrifuged concentrate.kkkkkkkkj

Dry Picking
The loss of (latex) coating from the paper surface during printing.

Dry Rubber

  1. Rubber obtained from field latex by acid coagulation, washing, sheeting or crumbling, and drying.

  2. Rubber made from field latex coagulum such cup lump, tree lace, etc.

Dry Rubber Content (DRC)
Mass of rubber coagulated by acid from one hundred parts mass of latex.

Dry Stripping
Removal of dipped products from formers, usually after application of powder lubricant, by mechanical means (e.g. rotating brushes) without the aid of water.

Dwell Time

  1. Time of immersion of a dipping former in latex

  2. Time that a dipping former is stationary in latex.