Medical Electronics Dip Coating

DipTech Systems® series of Electronics Coating equipment is often implemented for the application of conformal coating to items such as printed circuit boards. DipTech’s proven coating system technology offers the application of precise and repeatable coating thickness. Motion and position control aid in eliminating typical masking steps thereby reducing production cost.

DipTech’s Electronic Coating equipment includes system design for the application of Photo Initiators utilized in the production of circuit boards. The application and drying of the photo sensitive coatings on small and large scale sheet formats is fully automated.

Automated product transfer mechanisms can be configured to automatically convey product to integrated downstream printing and etching stations. Automated loading and unloading manipulators aid in reducing operator intervention and reduce operating cost.

DipTech’s Electronics Coating equipment offers both PLC and PC based control platforms. DipTech’s control system is ideal for demanding R&D applications allowing for tracking and controlling subtle changes to key parameters. Similarly, it is able to meet the demands of a production environment by offering repeatable control and process monitoring as well as reliability for consistent performance.

Allow DipTech Systems® to assist you in evaluating the optimal manufacturing equipment for your project.