Engineering Consulting

DipTech Systems offers technical services including mechanical and electrical design, project management, site installation supervision and technical project business plan development.

Our highly skilled engineers, designers and modelers use the latest 3D CAD systems to create comprehensive build packages for the most demanding equipment or product design specifications. Utilizing our CAD models our engineers can perform FEA evaluations to optimize design features and confirm critical design areas. Our expertise in machine design affords us the opportunity to design custom machines for a variety of industries including glass, rubber and tire, material handling for pellets and film material, as well as automated sewing and heat sealing applications.

Good process definition and proper mold design is the cornerstone to beginning any successful machine development project. Our in-house laboratory can assist in the development of marketing or test samples for dip molded and dip coated products, as well as selection of the optimal polymers or coating for your project.

Our veteran engineering and technical team can provide a detailed evaluation of your upcoming project and will assist in identifying and estimating start-up costs and associated production facility requirements as you develop your project or business plan.

Engineering Services

Services include:

• Mechanical Design

• Electrical hardware and software design

• Machine Design

• Conceptual Design

• Plant and Production Flow Layout
  (Related to dip molded and dip coated products)

• Dip Molded Product Design & Development

• FEA Analysis

• Technical Documentation Packages

Engineering Advantages

• We have expertise in various material handling and precision motion systems across various industries, specializing in dip molded and dip coated medical devices.

• We help our customers achieve a reduction in equipment production and operating costs by implementing proven fabrication techniques and high efficiency hardware into the designs.

• Our extensive machine design background provides an innate understanding of the complexities and varied requirements involved with equipment design and the related design process needed to produce an accurate documentation package.

• DipTech’s Engineers can provide traditional hand calculations for standard mechanical engineering design parameters including thermal, fluid flow and static sizing. Our FEA specialists use 3D CAD (computer aided design) for static analysis.

• In addition to offering electrical hardware and wiring design, DipTech also manufactures custom industrial control panels. We design and build control panels to our customers exact equipment specifications. Our electrical engineers have experience with most major brands of PLC and PC based control structures.