Research & Development

DipTech Systems®’ experienced technical staff can assist your company in the advancement of your dip molding or dip coating project by reviewing polymer options, tooling design, equipment requirements and long term production support needs. Our in-house laboratory service offers product and process development, as well as small scale production for testing and marketing use. Our recently expanded in-house laboratory offers a temperature and humidity controlled environment with over five computer controlled batch style systems designed for both solvent and aqueous solutions.

Equipment Development

DipTech Systems® offers our Diplomat® series to assist customers with their dip molding and dip coating research & development needs. The Diplomat® series is also appropriately sized to address pilot and small scale production requirements.

Development equipment is often the crucial means to ensure accurate process definition and is instrumental in the production of test and marketing samples, as well as the evaluation of multiple polymers or solutions.

Product Development

Drawing from our extensive dip molding and dip coating experience the DipTech Systems® team can assist in the development of dip molded and dip coated products. We focus on the ability to scale the customer’s future manufacturing needs with proven methods that aid in reducing cost. From concept to testing, we can assist in turning your ideas into reality. Working with an established database of polymer and coating solution providers, the DipTech Systems® development group will offer options and recommendations for materials that will satisfy your product requirements. Using our in-house laboratory, samples can be produced by implementing and/or customizing process parameters to achieve the desired outcome.

Process Development

Defining and refining the necessary process parameters required to repeatedly produce dip molded or dip coated products is critical to the success of the project. Expanding from industry standard process methods, DipTech Systems® team will help customize the required process steps needed to achieve the product characteristics desired. Using programmable automated equipment from our in-house laboratory, we can simulate various production equipment methods and document variations to process parameters to define acceptable tolerances and critical control areas. Using data gathered during the development, our engineers can provide accurate estimates of required production equipment which can be used for budgetary review of the associated equipment and final product manufacturing cost.

Prototype Development

Prototype development is a critical stage in the evaluation of any new product idea or concept. Starting with our customer’s new product idea, we use our in-house laboratory to initiate and refine the polymer type and process requirements. Often, it is necessary to produce prototypes from multiple polymers to adequately evaluate the characteristics of each polymer on the required behavior of the product. By producing true operational prototypes, testing and marketing studies can be undertaken by our customers. DipTech Systems®‘ services also include the supply of small to medium quantities of prototype samples for use in extended testing or for short term manufacturing needs during the transitional time while production or pilot scale equipment is being fabricated. If longer term contract manufacturing requirements are of interest, DipTech Systems®‘ sister division, AmeriDip, offers full in-house dip molding and dip coating services for low to high volume projects.

Tooling Development

DipTech’s engineers have extensive experience in tooling and mold design. Using customer input on the final product features, we can assist in the development of necessary molds and incorporate features such as product film shrinkage and stripping capability. DipTech has incorporated various quick disconnect methods to assist in the rapid changeover of products requiring offline secondary operations or post processing prior to product removal. The selection of the correct mold material is critical in achieving the desired product characteristics and for product removal. The uniformity of the wall thickness and the texture is impacted by the surface finish of the tooling. The surface finish can also determine the clarity of the product for materials.

DipTech manufactures molds from various materials such as engineered polymer, stainless steel and aluminum. We also have sources for glass and ceramic molds, both of which are common materials for dip molded products such as gloves and condoms.

Contact DipTech Systems®, and allow us to assist you in the design and selection of the tooling and mold requirements for your project.