Dip Coating

DipTech Systems® provides advanced dip coating equipment for protective coating, antimicrobial and lubricious surface enhancement and encapsulation application to the world’s leading medical, healthcare, industrial, electronics and consumer product manufacturers.

Dip coating has many similar features to that of dip molding methods. In simplistic terms, the dip coating process entails the submersion or spraying of a product with polymer or coating solution. The characteristics of the polymer, entry and exit speed of the product into and out of the polymer and the dwell time in the polymer impact the coating or film that will be developed on the product. Some photosensitive solutions require that the product be exposed to UV energy during the immersion of the product. Many polymers require a drying step to harden or crosslink the polymer to obtain the final strength properties of the coating.

Our team works intimately with our customers and leading coating solution and polymer suppliers to define the product and process requirements to determine the necessary equipment features.

By thinking outside of the box, we evaluate each project individually and provide custom solutions based upon proven and tested designs for each project. Our extensive coating equipment background allows our customers to focus their resources on designing new and innovative products, while our engineers concentrate on providing a coating system that meets the product, process and performance criteria.