The Glossary offered below provides a useful overview of common terms used throughout DipTech Systems® web-site and generally in the Dip Molding and Dip Molding industries.

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There are currently 8 terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Ball Mill
Grinding machine most widely used by the latex industry for preparation of dispersions, consisting of a rotating container, part filled with pebbles or stones. Friction between the pebbles produce the grinding action.

Rolled ring at the open end to reinforce the dipped goods.

Colloidal clay, naturally occurring hydrated aluminum silicate. Bentonite is used to thicken latex, and as compounding material for natural rubber.

Generic name for chemicals that eliminate or reduce microbial activity; those that kill fungi are called fungicides, those that kill bacteria are bactericides. Materials that merely prevent microbial multiplication are known as fungistats or bacteristats.

Blanc Fixe
Precipitated barium sulphate used in NR latex to obtain filled compounds, from which smooth strong film deposits are obtained.

Thin layer of a compounding ingredient formed on the surface of rubber article (or a compound) when the ingredient is present at a concentration in excess of its solubility in rubber at the prevailing temperature.

Brownian Motion
Agitated movement of suspended colloidal particles, when a colloidal dispersion is examined using a light microscope at high magnification. This motion is caused by collision with the molecules of the continuous phase; the rate and extent of Brownian movement increases at higher temperatures.

Butyl latex
Latex produced by dissolving butyl rubber in a solvent and by emulsification of the solvent to get the latex.