Film Cast

DipTech’s cast film equipment offers low to medium volume production rates for non-supported and supported films generated from liquid polymer solutions, such as polyimide.

Cast Film Equipment applications include wound care, drug delivery films, protective film and electronics film production. Solutionized polymers are deposited on a metal carrier plate or belt, which is then exposed to the drying methods necessary to remove the solvents. The drying method and duration correspond to the solvent content in the solution. Low viscosity materials and those applications requiring precision film thickness utilize a mechanical die integrated with the conveyance method to adjust the film thickness, typically based upon measurements taken after the film has been dried and removed. Film wind-ups and barrier application systems, as well as automated trimming systems, can be integrated into the equipment.

DipTech’s cast film equipment offer both PLC and PC based control platforms. DipTech’s control system is ideal for demanding R&D applications allowing for tracking and controlling subtle changes to key parameters. Similarly, it is able to meet the demands of a production environment by offering repeatable control and process monitoring as well as reliability for consistent performance.

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