Chemical Conversion Dip Coating

Building upon our proven dipping and coating machine technology, DipTech offers customized solutions for chemical conversion and cleaning applications.

Automated product transfer mechanisms can be configured to service multiple stations for varying process dwell and soak time requirements. Integrated cleaning stations including alkaline cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and spray rinse systems can be integrated for pre or post component cleaning. Equipment is offered for aggressive acid application including Nitric and Phosphoric. Chemical metering systems provide precise control of dip tank concentrations. Localized exhaust and containment hoods integrated to the equipment aid in controlling corrosive fume emissions.

Dependent upon process and product requirements, system configurations can be provided for batch and continuous throughput. Linear and rotary indexing systems are commonly offered for these applications.

DipTech’s chemical conversion coating equipment offers both PLC and PC based control platforms. DipTech’s control system is ideal for demanding R&D applications allowing for tracking and controlling subtle changes to key parameters. Similarly it is able to meet the demands of a production environment by offering repeatable control and process monitoring as well as reliability for consistent performance.

Allow DipTech Systems® to assist you in evaluating the optimal manufacturing equipment for your project.