Spray Coating Equipment

DipTech’s spray coating application equipment offers an alternative to dip coating for specific coating applications, products and polymers. Spray coating applications have been supplied to support industries such as fuel cells, circuit board conformal coating, semiconductor wafers, solar photovoltaic products, electronic display panel coating, glass and polymer coating as well as medical product coating applications.

A variety of low viscosity coatings may be applied in precision patterns to flat or multidimensional components. Controlled coating of surfaces that require full or less than 100% coverage, as well as specific pattern application is also possible. Using various delivery methods including commercial ultrasonic application with automated variable volume metering pumps, polymers can be applied in standard X-Y patterns with variable Z distance adjustment. The introduction of a fourth axis rotation feature allows the application of helix or linear offset patterns to cylindrical objects. By integrating the Z-axis with the rotate axis, DipTech’s spray systems are able to maintain consistent spray application distances by implementing a cam profile with non symmetrical products while applying a helix or linear spray application with cylindrical components.

DipTech’s spray application equipment offers both PLC and PC based control platforms. The control systems provide fully programmable operator interface with the ability to save and recall multiple custom application recipes. DipTech’s control system is ideal for demanding R&D applications allowing for tracking and controlling subtle changes to key parameters. Similarly it is able to meet the demands of a production environment by offering repeatable control and process monitoring as well as reliability for consistent performance.

DipTech’s spray systems are designed for application of both aqueous and solvent based solutions.

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