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DipTech Systems® is the leader in providing a wide range of highly reliable and innovative dip molding and dip coating equipment for the most demanding of applications.

With over 80 years of unmatched experience in the industry, DipTech Systems® is able to support a variety of industries including medical, electronics, industrial, automotive, energy, agriculture and more.

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Advantages of Dip Molding and Dip Coating

Dip molding and coating has many advantages over other techniques, including quick prototype development, lower tooling costs, and thin elastic wall features. The dip molding process is compatible with a wide variety of polymers, each offering varying characteristics. Common products, polymer molding and coating materials include, but are not limited to, the accompanying list.

One of the most challenging aspects of dip molding and dip coating is selecting the appropriate equipment. DipTech Systems® offers advanced technology that has revolutionized the industry and includes high volume, fully automated, continuous-motion chain line equipment and robotic batch systems which are custom designed for your product, process and volume requirements. 

We can also assist your company with the selection and comparison of various polymers, process optimization and tooling development to advance your project to the next level. Our extensive experience allows us to provide detailed development and cost planning analysis for evaluation of anticipated production scale up and feasibility studies. 

If you are unsure where to begin, contact DipTech Systems® to review your project, and allow our experienced staff to help you determine the equipment type and features that will optimize your future success. Our experience in dip molding, dip coating, flow molding, slush molding, spray molding and spray coating allows us to offer the best method to suit your specific needs. 

DipTech Systems® offers customized equipment solutions for unique applications, as well as pinhole testing and inspection stands for thin walled dip molded components. 

DipTech Systems® services customers in over 14 countries and offers equipment in compliance with NFPA, IEE, ASTM and CE directives. DipTech’s experienced technical staff offers full installation, supervision, project management, equipment troubleshooting and maintenance support globally.

• Gloves
• Fuel Cells
• Guide Wires
• Condoms
• Implants
• Tubing
• Catheters
• Boots
• Stents
• Cannula
• Balloons
• Probe Covers
• Caps
• Grips
• Breather Bags
• Barrier Sleeves
• Coated Glass
• Endoscopes
• NR Latex
• Kraton®
• Lubricious
• Nitrile
• Silicone
• Antimicrobial
• Neoprene
• Antibacterial
• Silicone
• Polyisoprene
• Epoxy 
• Polyurethane
• TPE’s
• Cellulose
• Hydrophilic
• Drug Elution
• Barrier